Our shops

We opened in Surbiton during the summer of 2012; many people said we were crazy, as there were already 33 places selling coffee in the town. But we had none of it. Our view was that it may have been coffee but it wasn’t fabulous coffee. From the first day of opening, we were embraced into the Surbiton Village, we are so pleased that people loved what we do, many now come from Esher, Epsom and Kingston just for our coffees and tea (Thanks so much!)

During the summer of 2015 we were really excited to open up our second shop in Twickenham which is much bigger than our Surbiton shop, offering a light and airy environment that has attracted business people, students and many-a-mum.

Our team

At the Press Room we operate a bit differently to other businesses. Everyone working with us has the opportunity to be involved in the decision making process. When you see the lights burning late at night we will all be sampling new food ranges from our suppliers (and perhaps the odd glass of wine), and together we decide what we shall sell in the future.

We actively encourage promotion from within and have an active apprenticeship scheme.

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