The Press Room
The Press Room
Great people. Exceptional coffee.

Great people.
Exceptional coffee.


Our coffee

Getting a coffee at The Press Room is a little different to your everyday chain. We take care of the important things, like hiring our staff for their exceptional people skills and infectious energy, or ensuring each of our team is fully trained by one of our master baristas. The end result is great coffee delivered by a team of easy-going staff who know the difference between a piccolo and a cortado. If you’re in a rush, we’re more than ready to work at your tempo - but you’re welcome to hang around too.

All of our coffee comes from Origin Coffee. A brilliant artisan roaster who have hit the coffee scene by storm. We are currently serving 'Resolute', which is approachable, bold and sweet, with flavours of milk chocolate, caramel, and stewed berries. This blend is composed of Brazilian São João & Colombian San Fermin.

Our teas

Although we pride ourselves on our fantastic coffee, we also know a thing or two about tea. Whatever you fancy, we’ve got it. From zesty, fruity teas, to calming peppermint greens, we stock it all. We’re always looking for the best new flavours, so our range will change from time to time. To get the fullest experience of what we have on offer, we recommend swinging past our Twickenham shop and having a chat with one of our staff. Whether you’re new to tea, a veteran of the brew or just looking for a great gift idea, the Twickenham Tea Co. will leave you spoilt for choice.

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Suspended coffee

To ensure that everyone can have a seat at The Press Room, we operate a suspended coffee system. If you’d like, you can be a part of that. Just tell your server you want to add a suspended coffee to your order, and we’ll make sure it goes to a very appreciative recipient. 



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