The Press Room
The Press Room
Great people. Exceptional coffee.



About our people

The Press Room Twickenham opened doors in 2015, and since then it’s been a hub for business meetings, catch-ups and pram conventions alike. Part of what makes it so great is our team of expert baristas welcoming you through the door with a smile. We’re pretty good at getting to know your regular drink, and if you have a dog, we will happily provide water (so long as we’re allowed to say hello). Being the industrious team that they are, don’t be surprised to see them working on their own projects between shifts. They’re a fun bunch who proudly serve Twickenham with the best coffee in the area.

 Our menu


Being a part of the community means embracing it. At The Press Room Twickenham, we love nothing more than collaborating with local artists to brighten up the shop. If you would like the opportunity to hang your own work on the shop’s walls, feel free to drop us a message here and we’ll get things moving.

Excellent coffee today at the Press Room in Twickenham. The place was very busy which is always a good sign. Highly recommended.
— Con O'Brien
Delicious coffee, the best in Twickenham, and the toasted banana bread is insanely good.
— Stephanie Muzzall

The Press Room

29 London Road,

0208 617 9600

Dog Friendly ♥

Opening hours

Monday - Friday
7:00 - 17:00

8:30 - 17:30

9:30 - 16:00